Info and Rules


Making the server generally unpleasant for users will result in action being taken. To protect yourself from this rule, you should just be nice when you talk. Don’t say anything if it could offend or hurt someone. If someone breaks this rule in private messages, we suggest that you use /ignore. Usually, you will just be warned for this rule, but it is the staff’s decision. Essentially, do not say something you wouldn’t want to be said to yourself. Please listen to staff should they ask you to do something, and always be respectful. Alternatively, if it is a staff member who is being disrespectful, please report them, using a ticket on our Discord, and it will be investigated as soon as possible.

This rule covers all unapproved mods, clients, cheating resource packs (Like XRay), glitches and exploits. Any mod that is not on the approved mod list is unapproved. Post on the site to suggest its approval. Usually, this will be a permanent ban with the chance of appeal, but it varies case by case. Anti-AFK is also against this rule. Anti-AFK won’t be more than a 5-day temporary ban. Teleport Killing, (tp killing), is not allowed in any way or form, regardless if you just straight TP and kill, or you trick them by saying something false, like ‘Who wants diamonds? Tp to me’.

This rule covers recruiting members to other servers. That includes asking a player to go to another server and linking the IP to another server. That is not acceptable in any chat. You can state another server name as long as you are not suggesting that anyone goes to that server, however, the best way to protect yourself from this rule is to not talk about other servers.

This rule covers sending multiple messages with the same content or for no purpose. Over 3 consecutive messages are considered as spamming. Spam also covers sending messages that are not needed or are just to annoy players. This will be defined by staff at the time. Using languages other than English is not allowed in global chat. This is pure because 1. some people don’t like not knowing what is being said and can make them uncomfortable and 2. staff can’t tell if you are breaking a rule if they cannot understand what you are saying. All of the above is allowed in private messages and other channels.

Certain topics are not acceptable in global chat. However, you are allowed to speak about them in another chat provided everyone is comfortable with it. Topics such as Racism, Sexism, Homophobia and other discriminating topics will not be tolerated. Swearing is allowed but the use of the words “c*nt” and “n*gger” will NOT be tolerated. Editing those words slightly but with the same intent also will not be tolerated. If you are not comfortable with a topic in global, message a member of staff and they will end the topic, even if it is not included in that list.

Terms Of Service:

We, Archers Craft, provides a service which consists of server hosting, and we sell online goods. This is in the form of a donation, which the buyer may receive something in return for money, such as a kit or particle effect. Or, the user donates money with no expectation of anything in return. Archers Craft has no affiliation with Mojang, Microsoft, or Minecraft, and as such have no endorsement of them. The server is being paid for by the server owners as financial providers, and also by the donations. Archers Craft reserves the right to change this Terms Of Service at any time in the indeterminable future, with no forewarning or notice. Failure to adhere to the TOS will result in deletion of any of the accounts associated with Archers Craft. As a service, Archers Craft is not held liable for anything concerning its members or their actions. By agreeing to the Terms Of Service, you agree not to hold any legal proceedings against Archers Craft, such as a lawsuit or another legal service.

Archers Craft reserve the right not to give out refunds. When you donate you must agree and adhere to these Terms Of Service, and also agree to not buy back, or attempt to regain a donation. In the event that you do not receive your donation, whether that be via human error, a technical glitch, or through a server error, you are entitled to a refund posting on the Archers Craft discord. This is only if the error is reported within 5 days, otherwise, you are no longer entitled to a said refund. If the donation is received, it is no longer able to be refunded. If you are banned or removed from our server, because of failing to adhere to the Terms Of Service or any other reason, you are there thus not entitled to a refund. The server generates no revenue and is ran completely off of donations and the owner’s own money. Donations are not required, nor do they affect the gameplay of the server. Any money made from donations goes directly to the upkeep, maintenance, and plugins of the server. Sending in-game money to a user in hopes of them donating under your name is allowed, but if one of the parties were not to follow through with the request, Archers Craft holds no responsibility. Do this at your own risk and discretion.

Archers Craft agrees not to distribute or show any data or information about a user except following the User’s explicit agreement. Discounting that, no information will be stored or held about our users, an exception to an argument following a donation. Completing a purchase on our site means you are in agreement about the fact that whatever method of payment used is yours, and that you, solely, would be held responsible should anything happen to it. Completing a purchase on our site also means that you are aware, and are in agreement to exactly what you are buying and that you realize that once it is received you are not liable to a refund.

If your account were to get hacked, or compromised, Archers Craft will assume no responsibility. We hold the right to ban, or remove you from our services should this arise. If you were to lose donation items or anything relate, we reserve the right not to return the items lost during this. IF you are found to be a threat, either towards the services, users or anything thereon, we have the right to remove you. Sending any legitimate threats over our service will result in a ban.

You have the privilege to post an appeal if you were banned, by going to the forums at and posting a ban appeal which will be reviewed by staff after an indeterminate amount of time. If you were banned following failure to adhere to the Terms Of Service, this is handled by creating a discord ticket .However, we have the right to refuse any appeal. If you are banned, you will not be reimbursed for your donations as stated before. We have the right to take whatever action is deemed necessary, whether you being subject to a data clear, or a permanent ban.

We hold and reserve the right to edit these TOS, and any content on our site and server at any time without any forewarn or notice. Everything donatable may be edited, whether it be price, enchantments, etc, at any time, any place, and by donating you agree to acknowledge this. By agreeing to this, you realize that you may have no chance of getting items/kits/donations back if you are subjected to a data clear or another form of action.

If you are attempting to profit from the selling of Archers Craft’s goods, we have the right to remove you, if this is deemed necessary by the management. Trading in-game money for items in-game is allowed, and is not a breach of TOS, however, you agree that Archers Craft has no responsibility in regards to it and that it is the sole responsibility of the offerer to make sure that the deal is followed through to satisfaction. We do not have a responsibility to sort this out if the deal/offer is not received. Criticism is allowed, as it informs us on what we have to improve on, however, if anything is painting us in a negative, unfavorable light, we have the right to remove you from our services. Every logo, banner, and a piece of art belongs to Archers Craft solely, and attempts to use it without permission may result in the deletion of the perpetrator from our service.

When you sign up for staff, you agree that you are a volunteer, and as such do not expect to get reimbursed for anything, whether that be in expectation of a free donation, or in-game money. You agree that you will not give out any staff information on the purpose and that you would be subject to punishment if it was found that it was on purpose. We have a right to look out for all players, and as such this includes staff. If you feel like you are being treated wrongly, as such by another staff member, player, or owner, we will take action, provided we have sufficient proof. If you step down from staff, for whatever reason, and give out private information or staff information, you agree that you will accept the repercussions.